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Dr. Jean-Claude Rodet
Centro Documental Raiano
Centro empresarial - Zona Industrial

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Cell: +351.916.071.436
Work: +351.277.201.132
Information: I am founder of the Portuguese Association of Organic Agriculture. I wrote the first manual of Standards in Portuguese and am a specialist in the relation between Agriculture and Health and in Natural Therapies for Livestock. In 2006 I published a "Medicinal Plants for Veterinary Use" Guide, available in English, French and Portuguese. Originator and coordinator of the first scientific experiment of homeopathy applied to cultivated plants (France 1976-1978). Founder of the Humanitarian Association's "Medecins aux Pieds Nus" (Barefoot Doctors) in Canada (1999). Co Founder of ARAAPT (Assciapao de Recursos Ambientais Alternatives- Portugal) ein 201 Cofounder of N-Light Envoronment, Academia das Ciencias do Ambriente (2018)